Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogging…. it's Elementary

As challenging as it is to keep up with personal or professions blog, kids take to it quite naturally.

The kids find blogging fun and easy and it’s exciting for them to have their own webpage that they can share with family, friends and teachers.

We are using extensity at the third and fifth grades and we are about to introduce blogging to our second grade students. Our fifth grade students are using their blogs to reflect on their learning and our third grade students are presenting their unit research via their blogs. They will play an important role in our third grade Wellness Clinics coming up soon.

As our elementary students continue blogging they will start middle school with well-established blogs and blogging skills. This is a great life skill that will encourage our students to be active participants in online discourse.

Below are a few fifth grade students commenting on their experience with blogging.