Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Stages of Movement in a G9 PE class

Examples of:
  1. Personalizing learning through the use of technology 
  2. Being able to use technology purposefully within my curriculum
  3. Managing a classroom where every student has a computer 

Last week I was invited to Kyle’s PE class where students were identifying the various stages of movement in sports. Kyle had video taped his colleague Jake performing a T-Ball swing. In class, Kyle and his students watched the video and discussed the stages of movement, connecting these to any sport. To show their understanding, students were then given a document (distributed through Moodle) with key images from the video and using correct vocabulary they had to describe the movement depicted in each image. 

Next, students were given the task to video themselves with PhotoBooth while they served a volleyball underhand. Using the key stages of movement and the video, they had to reflect on their own performance in terms of the movement stages they had learned. 
Students only spent the first 30 minutes on their MacBooks to accomplish the above. The rest of the time was dedicated to PE activities.

Thank you Kyle for sharing this lesson. Student feedback was very positive.

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  1. Nice job on this Pia. This is a great example of how the use of technology can enhance the learning of students.

    I really like the music too... where did you get it?