Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspiring Creativity with Green Screen Technology

by Matthew Schafer- HS Media Specialist

Allowing students access to a green screen multimedia studio can inspire all sorts of creativity and imaginative ideas.  Students can easily use preloaded videos and images in PhotoBooth to brighten their projects, or they can kick it up a level in iMovie to bring unlimited digital background content to their films.  With only a few trackpad clicks, students can discuss Shakespeare while standing in the Globe Theater, lead a tour through the streets of Paris, or demonstrate understanding of the circulatory system standing beside intricate diagrams of the human heart and lungs.  A digital storytelling project demands even more passion when students insert themselves into the images and become a vital part of the narration.  Because using a green screen is so easy, the possibilities are endless no matter the division, discipline, or department.

Faculty and students will find the high school green screen room on the second floor of the high school library.  It is, of course, open to anyone and may be booked in advance by contacting Matt Schafer or any member of the high school library team.

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