Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Como la Luna encantada" - an example from Mr. Jose Luis Mejia Spanish 10 Class

Dear friends and colleagues,

As part of the end of the year work in the Spanish 4 class (10th grade), we devoted one week to a 1:1 project.  We were exploring the possibilities of the MAC in a Spanish class environment.

The task was to "give your own perspective of a poem written in Spanish using your laptops".  Because was easy to have the author near in order to clarify any doubt and to work with a corpus that they were able to handle, I gave them a non-published (yet) book of poems for children that I has been working on.  The students chose among different poems and try to understand the main idea and create a video.  There were no previous conditions for the work and they had absolute freedom to develop the project as they wish.  Finally they presented the video with a previous explanation of what they did and how (objective and procedure).

Out of all the videos my students voted, this was the winner.  The producers are Vidya Giri (she is leaving next year to ISB) and Sanjana Canumalla.

 In this case they did all the work using their MACs (Illustrator, Garage Band, etc.), all the illustration was digital made and the sound (my voice and the music that they played) was record directly into the machines.

As far as I observed, it was a joyful way to learn Languages and to explore the possibilities of the 1:1 program.

Hope you enjoy the video.