Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PIE G5 Art: Animating Art

Visual Arts teacher Ms. Genevieve Mathieu is currently exploring the elements of art with her grade five students.  Ms. Mathieu sees animation as a creative and fun way for students to learn about art. To begin the animation activity students are divided into small groups that are assigned a specific element to investigate, such as, line, color, texture, shape,form, value and space.   Each group collaborates to create an animation that communicates their understanding of the element that they have explored.  
As I observed Genevieve’s class the “fun” aspect of the learning was very apparent.  In addition, the animation activity promoted storytelling, critical thinking, problem solving as well as media literacy awareness.
From a resource perspective, the PIE Library small set of Android tablets - also used to access the Library Catalogue - have added options for a grade level where the primary tool is a laptop. The combination of the tablet device, custom-designed document stand, and the age appropriate StopMotion App made implementation of the project relatively easy, and the clear learning goals kept the project on track.  
We’ll be sure to post a link to student projects and reflections as soon as they become available.
Russell Downs (ES TIS) @russdowns
Mathieu, Genevieve. Personal Interview. 13 Oct. 2014

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