Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Invigilating a HS Math Honors 1 Semester Exam

Today I had the privilege of invigilating the Math 1 Honors Semester Exam. This was the very first high school exam experience for our 9th graders. They were very nervous when they first arrived in class, so we did some breathing exercises and some stretches to relax.

Why do I call this invigilating moment a privilege?  Running the first part of the test was indeed a treat for me. I directed students to their Moodle course page where they downloaded two Geogebra files containing spreadsheets and one Word document file. They turned their Wi-Fi off and set to work on the statistics portion of their exam, and that is when the magic happened. Students entered the zone and started creating box-plot diagrams and scatter plot graphs from the data given which they then copied over to their Word document, providing tables, answers and explanations. The ease with which they manipulated the digital content was a testament to our 1:1 environment and to our math teachers for using contemporary tools to better understand math. When done, students turned their Wi-Fi back on and emailed their respective teachers their file, then closed their lids started the more traditional second part of the exam.

The students reminded me of young professional engineers preparing their semester reports to close the year. Thank you Brenda, Kat and Kelli for inviting me into your world.

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