Saturday, January 24, 2015

PIE Grade 3: Pause for Poetry

An essential skill for our students is the ability to effectively communicate with multimedia.  JIS iPads and a multitude of apps and resources empower our students with a variety options to meet this expectation.

One of those resources is DragonTales, our onsite multimedia and sharing database, which now includes a QR Code Generator option. This new tool allows easy sharing of and access to media resources developed by all members of our JIS community.

Mark Murnane, PIE grade three team facilitator, recently shared a wonderful example of students using multimedia tools to interact, collaborate, and publish with their peers for an audience that extends beyond the classroom walls:

“To celebrate the end of their Writing Unit focusing on Poetry, the Grade 3 students at PIE recently had a 'Pause for Poetry' morning. All grade 3 students selected one of their favorite poems and 'published' their work using the iPad app Book Creator. These published pieces of writing were then converted into video format in which each young author was able to add a voice recording of them personally narrating their poem, displaying the written words, and graphic. Each video was then uploaded to DragonTales. QR codes were then generated for each student video file, downloaded, printed and displayed throughout the school. Once the QR codes are displayed, any community member with a QR code reader can access student work examples while on campus.

Mark Murnane
Russell Downs (@RussDowns)